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Grenades Galore wins Season 1 written by Gabri22, 2012-06-07 14:58 CEST (0 comments)

Congrats to the winners Grenades Galore and well played to the 2nd team KRP.
It has been a good cup, full of thrill and fun :)
To watch the final match Click here [gamestv.org]
Thanks to all the participants.

See you next season.

Season 1 start up written by Rebbb, 2012-05-30 09:08 CEST (0 comments)

Cup date: Wednesday 6th of June 2012, 21:00 CET (GMT +1)

Team format: 6vs6

Additional information:
Shoutcast: No

The maplist for the Enemy Territory Cell Game 6vs6 Cup is:

Rebbb /q PgS`Rebbb
Gabri22 /q PgS`gabri22
Black /q Black1

- To sign up it's needed only 1 user that registers the team and then in the team description puts the list of all the players with the tz-ac guid (in game /ac_players)
-In case you have problems with the registration you can contact Reb on crossfire.nu sending a pm or by mail rebirth2@libero.it with:
(*)team name
(*)List of players with tzac guid
- All players are required to be connected with tz-ac.
- Banned Clanbase/ESL/TZ-AC players are not allowed to participate in the cup.
- Noshows will be given 15 minutes after scheduled starting time. If your opponent is not there contact an admin.
- Teams must provide their own server.
- A player should only play for one team. If a team wants to use a player that has already played in the cup contact an admin and we will review the case.
- Each team is allowed to have 1 spectator.
- At least one player from each team must idle in #wolfenstein.it
- A team gets disqualified after there has been evidence of any kind of bug abuse.
- The server must have TZ-AC installed and it must have the latest available 6o6 config (in game /callvote config global6).
- The semifinals and final will be broadcasted on (url)
- In case of a double fullhold, the winner of a cointoss will decide what map is played second.
- For any further questions, or unclear statements, you must contact an admin.
- Everyone should record their matches.

Idle in #wolfenstein.it

Miscellanious information:
Signups till 6th June 19:45 CET (GMT +1)
Check-in start from 19:45 till 20:30 CET (GMT +1)

Round 0**: Frostbite
Round 1: Adlernest
Round 2: supply
Round 3: sw_goldrush_te
Round 4: both teams pick a map!
Round 5: both teams pick a map!

*The number of rounds can be decreased depending on how many teams signed up.
**Round 0 is played to qualify to the tourney if teams are more than 16 or 32
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